EC to PA to OR 04-20-08 16:22
My (American) friend from Ecuador, originally from Pennsylvania (hates it) but at BU (loves it) will be visiting me at the beginning of the summer! I have made a tenative list of things we'll be doing, but this is going to require more thought.

Suggestions on "Oregonian" things to do?

Things I've considered:
Astoria column (very phallic)
beach (depends on weather, but still fun)
cherry picking - or whatever's in season (Hood River)
Painted Hills - (eastern Oregon)

Portland, of course, perhaps Powells and that area (Sparticus!)...

I'm thinking we'll have about 5 days... :)
people 04-14-08 15:10
Congrats on the Africa thing by the way. You are all more geographically intelligent than I. I also did not know Germany and France touched until about a month ago - no comments necessary!

Funny how the things you want to run towards and away from can be the same thing, in different contexts, different places, at different times. Or, in this case, the same time.

I'm home now, and it's nice to be in a secure place where I feel welcome in any room, unconcerned with "doing something wrong", which is sadly not the case usually. I don't have to worry about scorn, judgment, anger, or suspicion. It's nice to see my room as an extension of a greater environment, not a refuge. It's nice to be with people I know care about me, and have no problems expressing that and treating me as such. My mom's unhappy about paying rent for a place I try to avoid, but I guess that's life. 7 weeks left, and all of us are counting down for different reasons. I can't wait to come back home.
africa names 04-14-08 10:05
(and the blathering of a time-pressed college student)

Can you name 10 countries in Africa without looking? I'd be impressed...

Life is truly on the go. While being ahead last week was nice, school has seemingly made a comeback, or all the things I've forgotten temporarily are popping up like weeds. (The latter being far more likely.)

It's time again to plan dinners, find time to grocery shop despite working and doing homework on the weekend (or maybe find time for homework despite working and grocery shopping?), get final projects set in motion (i.e. run my butt out to schools to observe in chairs smaller than my actual butt size or hole up in classroom libraries examining their content) so they can be completed before their due dates, and work often that key element of my sanity put on the back burner in order to cut corners and create time.

But dishes have piled up, class is starting in an hour, and I'm not even packed to head home for the second half the day for shots...the day started at 7 and I'm ready for it to slow down already.

people-phobic? 03-31-08 09:52
I'm happier and happier alone. Social situations feel awkward when they shouldn't be, and I'm not sure if it's just me or what. I've decided that while it would be nice to live with two (or three, as the case is for most others my age) friendly, completely extroverted, and trustworthy people, I'm sort of glad that I don't - we go about our lives and there's no need for doors to be open if we don't want them to be, which, for two of us, is fairly seldom. Life is quiet there.

Living off campus I hardly am there but for class and occasionally working out, and mostly hang out with my boyfriend when I am there. I've thought about how work (after basically two weeks off) would impede my social calendar, but it looks more like it'll take away from that time I spend by myself.

Not sure if I like it enough to sort of accept it and test it out or if it'll bother me to the point where I feel the need to again branch out and see people once a week in efforts to stay connected and build stronger bridges.

Today is a walk-in-the-sun, listen-to-the-birds, coffee-shop sort of day...But class first!
the cracking windshield 03-19-08 09:51
It's been that way for a while, and I can picture it. What once withstood the wind, rains, and occasional bug got hit by a rock. The rock is gone, but the marks remain, slowly spreading out. Cracks occur, farther and farther from the central issue, but rooted in that same unhappiness. Things have been up and down, and she's having a hard time seeing around it all. So she's ready for a clearer perspective, ready to protect herself and be happy, to drive through her life without worrying about the cracking windshield. She's moving on.

I feel so bad for him. I don't witness them together very much, but when they do work it's easy to see how great they are for each other. He wants to be vegan and she likes her hamburgers, but they learn from each other and have gone through so much supporting each other. They are a very cute couple, not that I guess that's really relevant, but I guess they won't be sometime between now and the end of spring break. I support her - if this is what is right for her, than I am 100% behind her decision.

I know it's not my place to feel sad about it but right now it can't be helped. In the end, it's not a cracked windshield, but a breaking relationship, almost 2 years of struggle/success/love/compromise being swept away in the resignation that, for now, and maybe ever, this is what's better - being without each other.

I guess I'm just scared that one day that will be me...
Chi Harnesser Wanted 03-10-08 12:44

So it's the 4th week of the semester and I'm finally going to clean up the accumulated mess that is my room. It's sort of a poopy day outside, I'm sad not to have natural lighting to inspire me but oh well. Hopefully my new plant (and I) will do ok without it.

Construction paper, checkbook, homework assignments, shoes, cleanish clothes, dirty clothes, art projects, empty wine and champagne bottles...oh the 3-D collage that is my life and in desperate need of straightening.
astrick KICK astrick 03-06-08 20:19
So it's that sick feeling you get in your stomach, knowing you're in the wrong, and you've hurt someone, and you've been selfish, and they deserve better. It's wishing you WERE a better person so you could still be that better person NOW, and that maybe life wouldn't have to kick your ass so utterly and properly to get you to see the truth about yourself, which happens to NOT be pretty.

I'd be sad but it's more just feeling bad, and feeling bad enough that ice cream can't solve it, and forgiveness won't either, so I don't know what either than shower, sleep, and the beach could do much.

It's almost time for that shower.....
03-05-08 14:51
It's SO freaking sunny, in Oregon, in March. I can't believe it. Then again I almost wrote "February", so maybe I'm just getting used to this spring thing. I walked to school and back and then to the school library, and it was nice, warm, and does actually make me feel better than driving my car in a few different ways. It's nice to just feel the sun, be lost in my thoughts, and actually hear the birds sing - things I don't consciously let myself do normally.

Later I'll go for a swim. Anyone who's been injured and can return to the court/field/track/water knows how it feels - after easing out of the embarrassment of lowered performance, it's easy to get back into how good it feels, regardless of speed or whatever other criteria you would be judged on. I especially like going by myself. Company is nice, but I find that a quicker person next to me pushes me to do what I'm afraid I cannot - go faster, farther - without hurting myself.

I got a job transfer! This makes me both happy and sad, because while I do not like commuting I really don't mind living with my parents for a (cumulative) day every week. Good food, removal from the school atmosphere (area of stress!), two puppies who love me...on the upside I won't spend my time commuting. I think I'll use the two hours I would normally be driving, should I be able to spare them, on Sat. and Sun. doing whatever I want to preserve my sanity.

And I'm hungry again...dinner is not for another two hours. Guess if I stay in the library at least I'll still be hungry when it rolls around.
sunny with a high of 75 03-01-08 12:33
Things were going well generally this week but today I'm a rain cloud...perhaps a good thing I'll be at home and then at work to take me out of the school scene that's been eating up, it feels like, a life of my own....
jello shots? 02-27-08 09:15
You know when life is so crazy - you're doing homework for tomorrow's class and tomorrow's class only, or trying to get up early to work on it, while balancing fun stuff, informational meetings about extracurriculars (of which you have none because you are busy!!!), sporadic visits to your sorority's meetings, trying to stay physically active, prepping for future field work, and spending time (doing homework) with your significant other, and write huge run on sentences in your blog?

It's mid-way through week 3 and I have a scrapbook due to IPO, party invitations (yay! crafty fun goodness) to do, stuff for my classes...I guess it's not that much but it seems like it. I'm busy every hour of every day, and my roommate even made me pasta last night because I just hadn't gotten around to eating.

Well, this Friday (post me-in-library-doing-homework, possible pilates, and a future teachers conference which dominates most of my schedule) is hopefully going to be jello-shot party night. I'm excited. There may be Guitar Hero involved...oh man.
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